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Color Hound extracts color information from any text. It extracts color from CSS, HTML, or any other text source where the color can be identified in accordance with the css2/css3 specification. In general this means that it will extract multiple formats of hexadecimal color representation as well as valid html/css color names. The extraction does not depend on any specific syntax formatting of the overall file or text.

I created this site as an excercise for learning and refreshing my skills with Javascript, CSS, Ajax, JQuery and php. It's a tool I'll use myself in other projects. There are other tools freely available on the web that do similar processing but in every case there was something missing.

This site uses code from the MochiKit framework for color translation routines and JQuery for general "Web 2.0" stuff, including Ajax processing.

If you have a comment, suggestion, bug, or anything else, please feel free to email me,